Senior citizens

The City of Toulouse wishes to facilitate the lives of seniors. This page lists services and arrangements set up in place for them: travel, leisure ...

Senior citizen's information bureau

The bureau's mission is to offer the senior citizens of Toulouse and their close ones a centralised information service.

Tel : Free call - 0800 042 444


The Senior citizen's information bureau also has an observatory role by taking the expectations of retired people and taking them into consideration.
It allows people to build a network of relationships with associations and institutions for consistent and focussed action.

Hôtel de ville, cour Henri IV,
Rez-de-chaussée porte 10
Accueil du lundi au vendredi
Du lundi au vendredi de 8 h 30 à 16 h 45


Senior citizen's council

The senior citizen's council is part of a participative democratic drive and includes several types of population: members of the public, associations, senior citizen clubs, institutions, etc. It includes about 200 people.

The Council has five objectives:
• Enhancing the role and motivation of senior citizens in city life;
• Using senior citizen's skill and experience;
• Improving life-style, especially from a health and social point of view;
• Relaying information;
• Preserving the capacity to continue learning;
Two general themes underpin the Council's work, namely decompartmentalisation and intergeneration.

+ contact : email
+ information :



L'Agora, the senior citizen's newspaper

Senior citizens of Toulouse represent 17% of the population and therefore have their own newspaper : L'Agora.

It is available in all the municipal centres: local town halls, senior citizen information bureaus, libraries, senior citizen clubs, etc.

You can download the Agora newspaper on the city's website.



Mairie de toulouse - Tisséo transport card

The single Mairie de Toulouse - Tisséo travel card allows senior citizens of 65 years and over residing in Toulouse to travel free of charge on the whole bus/metro network.

How do I get a travel card ?

From senior citizen information bureaus or local town halls.
This card is personal and nominative, and is rechargeable on a yearly basis.

Many advantages with the Mairie de Toulouse - Tisseo single travel card

- Free access to the Toulouse public transport network (bus and metro) all day long, Sundays and bank holidays.
- Free entry to museums and municipal swimming pools.
- Free subscription for municipal libraries.
- Discount on some shows at the Théâtre du Capitole and all Orchestre National du Capitole concerts.
- Reduced rates in some cinemas and theatres (ask for information on the premises).
- Discounts on entrance fees to events organised by the Parc des expositions and on entrance fees to the Stadium de Toulouse for French football championships.
- Discounts on sports courses proposed by sport, social and cultural services.

 Senior citizen restaurants and foyer restaurants

Elderly people can also benefit from catering services provided in foyer restaurants in care homes for the elderly

Senior citizen restaurants in local districts

Senior citizen restaurants propose meals in warm, friendly surroundings. Managed by the municipality, they are open at middays from Mondays to Fridays (from 12:00 to 13:00).
Meals cost 3.50€.
You just have to book a week before and select your day(s).

Foyers restaurants

Elderly people can also benefit from catering services provided in foyer restaurants in care homes for the elderly.

+ information (adresses) :

Organisations working for the elderly

  • Centre communal d'action sociale (CCAS)

Reception, information, situation analysis and needs assessment. Guidance concerning homecare help and establishments for the elderly, supporting and accompanying retired people in some circumstances.
No reservations needed from Monday through Friday
From 9:00-12:00 and from 14:00 - 17:00 except for Tuesday mornings

Pôle social 3e âge du CCAS : 1, rue de Varsovie
Tél. : 05 62 48 54 54

  • Local information and Collaboration centre (ClIC)

Local information, guidance, orientation and support service for elderly people and their families. For people living in sectors 31000, 31200 and 31500, contact the CCAS social centre for senior citizens.
- CLIC rive gauche (Secteurs 31 100 et 31 300)
1, rue de Varsovie - Tél. : 05 62 48 54 56
- Générations Solidaires (Secteur 31 400)
30, avenue Jean Moulin - Tél. : 05 61 52 72 38

  • Age-related diseases

Alzheimer daycare centres welcome patients during the daytime and propose support and activities (entertainment, reality orientation, etc.).
Centre d'Asnières - 92, avenue de Casselardit
Tél.: 0534508090


  • France Alzheimer 31

Help those who suffer and their families. Supports medical research Leads action for adapting centres and support schemes.
Communauté Municipale de Santé,  2 rue Malbec
Tél .: 0561213339
email -


Associations that inform, help and support you

  • Association of Petits frères des pauvres

Actions for the elderly suffering from solitude; fight against poverty, precariousness, exclusion. Support for people who are seriously ill or at the end of life; housing support.
Solitude help line for the over 50s with «Solitud'écoute»
0800 47 47 88
97 rue Riquet
Tél. : 05 61 62 05 05


  • Alma 31

This association works to bring to light the reality of maltreatment of vulnerable people especially the elderly. Take complaints, advice and orientation.
Tél.: 05 61 21 41 69 - email


  • Association for the development of palliative care (ASP)

Support for people at the end of their life. Brings care and support to people in difficult situations and disease; Support for people grieving. Trains professionals from the healthcare and social sector.
40, rue du Rempart Saint-Etienne
Tél.: 05 61 12 43 43 - email

  • Departmental committee for sports for the retired in the Haute-Garonne (CoDERS 31)

Encourages people to do physical activities and sport during the retirement period and fights against isolation and sedentary life.
Maison des sports - Rue Buissonnière
Tél.: 05 62 24 18 72 - 06 71 78 13 81

Enjoying yourself – learning

These new events are more general than activities proposed by senior citizen clubs which are specifically oriented towards their own members and are open to all Toulouse residents over 60, promoting innovations and new openings. In this sense, they are complementary to the associations and clubs that have existed for a long time in our city.


In partnership with the Walking Association, the City of Toulouse proposes a schedule of walks every quarter. All Toulouse senior citizens aged 60 and above can participate. It is no longer necessary to belong to a senior citizen club or a sports club.
This is a great way to discover the local sites and our city's environment that combines the pleasure of learning and exchange with moderate physical activity.
Walks take place every week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday morning as well as Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Bus departs at 9:00 in the morning and at 14:30 in the afternoons, place Saint-Cyprien (metro). Walks last about 1.5 hours.
Tél.: 05 62 27 67 02 ou 05 61 23 54 77


The senior citizens' Council holds monthly conferences on society- related subjects. Open to the general public, they form think-tanks and forums on a wide range of topics.
The summer period is conducive to lighter topics. Thanks to the programme conducted by the Tourist Office, two weekly conferences (in July and August) on cultural themes are also aimed for senior citizens.

Communication Information Technologies

The senior citizen's Council endeavours to determine the needs and expectations (potential resources as well) of the elderly in terms of computing.
In September 2011, training courses began in association with the José-Cabanis multimedia library. 1 allée Jacques Chaban-Delmas.
Tél.: 05 62 27 40 00
For senior citizen's clubs, three pilot sites were selected to form the base of an initiation project for their members. Lalande, Providence- Bonhoure and Croix-Daurade have also been equipped with computers.

Holiday packages

The Toulouse City Hall, the unat Midi-Pyrénées, the ANCV, Malakoff Médéric, the Carsat and Prémalliance joined forces to set up holiday packages both nearby and further afield.
This partnership means that a modest individual fee can be applied (inclusive of expenses: transport, accommodation, food, visits and entertainment).
Required conditions : to be 60 or over, live in Toulouse, be tax free, and not have already benefited from this type of holiday package in 2009.

Senior Citizens' Week

Senior et plus, a week for retired people and the elderly is an annual event that aims to enhance actions proposed to senior citizens from Toulouse via associations and the municipality. It combines the municipal service in charge of senior citizens, the senior citizen's Council (local democratic participative institution) and many associations and institutions to do with senior citizens. The theme of the week changes from year to year.
It is also a festive week and for a few days, there are many events, sports demonstrations, music and other activities on the cour Henri IV. Simultaneous walks, visits, plays are proposed to senior citizens in different districts throughout the city.

Fitness and pétanque (French bowls)

Toulouse City Hall has just created a recreational area in a garden setting. Participants will be able to attend balance workshops on Mondays. These senior citizens will be able to become initiated in pétanque on Fridays.
Tel.: 05 61 22 32 64