By car

If you travel by car, find out on this page information about the resident parking, carpooling system developed by Tisséo, and carsharing by Mobilib.

 Resident parking facility

In your district, the City of Toulouse has set up a system making it easier for residents to find parking places. In streets equipped with a parking meter, parking fees are charged from 9:00 to 20:00 in districts with resident parking.

Resident subscribers can park :
- all day in residential street
- from 18:00 to 9:00 the next day in commercial streets.

Outside of resident parking hours you must pay the normal parking fee.

Regulation reminder

All residents must respect regulations applicable in Toulouse that limit parking in a specific space to 24 consecutive hours. Every 24 hours, you must check the applicable regulations at the place where you are parked. For example, if there is any house moving or street work, your car must be moved.

Applicable districts
Balance, Bazacle, Belfort, Capitole, Les Carmes, Compans, Concorde, Dupuy, Jardin des Plantes, La Grave, Leclerc, Menuisiers , Monplaisir Ozenne, Péri, Raymond IV, Saint Aubin, Saint- Michel, Saint- Sernin, Sébastopol, Soupirs Taur, Teinturiers, Valade, Wilson.

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Toulouse's shared car service ! With Citiz Toulouse you can hire a car for an hour or more, on a self-service basis near you 24/24 7 days a week.

Subscribe to Citiz from Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 19:00

116 Grande rue Saint-Michel
Tél. : 05 31 61 63 09

Capooling by Tisseo

In order to make ridesharing easier, Tisséo has created a specially devoted service offering efficient advice and assistance. It records your registration and puts you in contact with other ridesharers.

This very flexible service enables ridesharers to adapt to their chosen frequency and cancel their registration at any time. Tisséo's ridesharing service operates from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00.

Tél. : 05 34 66 51 48


Being informed makes for easier driving

Several large development projects aimed at transforming Toulouse are beginning in 2012.
These development projects will help improve travelling and mobility for all users, redevelop the public areas in the city centre and make roads and networks safer.

In order to keep inhabitants and users informed regarding all the work currently underway, the town and urban community of Greater Toulouse is deploying an unprecedented information system.
To find out all about the sequence of developments and their impact on traffic, check out the following website : and the monthly INFO TRAVAUX newsletter.

You can also register to stay up-to-date in real time by SMS : substantial disturbances to traffic, how work is unfolding and any events that affect traffic, such as sporting and cultural events...
And finally, a new geo-localization app for Smartphones providing real-time updates on work progress in addition to keep update with any traffic problems.