Childcare for 0-3 year olds

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Early childhood centres

Early childhood centres are places that provide childcare, information and handle local enrolments.

Point info famille
Hôtel de Ville
Place du Capitole - RDC - Porte 9 Tél.: 0800 740745
L'accueil téléphonique et les bureaux sont ouverts de 8h30 à 16h45 du lundi au vendredi.
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Enrolment procedures

For facilities managed by the city of Toulouse and the CCAS the single admission Commission was set up in March 2011. The Commission allocates crèche places for the City of Toulouse and CCAS centres only.
Implementing the single admission Commission is the result of priorities determined by the municipal council related to place allocation for members of the public: priority is given to working families, single parent families and families who have a family member with a disability ; priority is also granted for specific urgent situations ; the family's social economic situation will be taken into account.

Specific contracts for job seekers are implemented.

Analysis of applications will be carried out on an indicative point-based system with a total that is automatically attributed from information gathered at the time of enrolment. The date of enrolment will only be taken into account in the event of point equality between two applications.
The aim is to examine the extent of each person's individual needs. Each family will be able to access their total points on enrolment if they wish so. All applications will be presented to the single admission Commission.

Temporary and occasional childcare will remain decentralised and the decision taken by the crèche and daycare centre managers.

Enrolment is carried out during an in-depth interview with the family during which the family's professional, financial situation and supporting prerequisite documents are assessed.

Points linked to family composition and their situation in relation to work

  • Couples in which both parties work : 4 points
  • Couples in which one party works : 2 points
  • Couples in which neither party works : 1 point
  • Single parent working families : 5 points
  • Single parent non-working families : 3 points

Points linked to annual income (CAFPRO source or tax form)

  • From 0 to 6,876 € : 3 points
  • From 6,876.01 to 18,000 € : 2.5 points
  • From 18,000.01 to 27,600 € : 2 points
  • From 27,600.01 to 38,400 € : 1.5 points
  • From 38,400.01 to 53,400 € : 1 point
  • Beyond : 0.5 points

Points linked to specific situations to be taken into account

  • urgent situation : 3 points (To be specified at the time of enrolment (death of a close relative, sudden loss of childcare, need for protection)
  • underage parent : 2 points
  • No stable accommodation : 1 point
  • Handicap, chronic disease : 3 points
  • Multiple births and siblings : 1 point
  • Siblings to be placed simultaneously : 0.5 point
  • Adopted child, large family : 0.5 point
  • Child given a place temporarily or obtained a more favourable childcare contract : 1.5 points


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