Handicap and accessibility

Discover practical information to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities : information center, travel, associations ...

Extra municipal commission for accessibility for people with disabilities

The extra municipal Commission for accessibility for people with disabilities is composed of 15 associations.

Its missions include :
- carrying out a periodic analysis on accessibility in buildings, thoroughfares, public spaces and transport ;
- formulating proposals related to accessibility requirements ;
- establishing an annual report for presentation to the Municipal Council and transmission to institutions, as well as to the managers of buildings, facilities and work places concerned by the report.

Its primary areas of involvement
- The individual in the city as regards accessibility within the  urban area and public buildings ;
- Childcare for children with disability

Toulouse Connect

A service for the visually-impaired .
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The José-Cabanis multimedia library proposes specific facilities for the visually-impaired as well as a collection of 1,600 books and braille newspapers for adults and children, which can be viewed on the premises or taken out.Websourd is an accessibility system, including translations, sign language services, books in braille, etc.

The Information bureau for senior citizens

The Capitole information bureau for senior citizens centralises all information needed by senior citizens for living in Toulouse (8,000 addresses and 500 listed associations). This information centre has become even more accessible since one of the senior councillors involved was specially trained to inform hearing- impaired people. Apart from his own personal interest in sign language, which "demands enormous attention because everything is based on gesture, facial and bodily expression", this training will provide a proper service for hearing-impaired people and will open the way to administrative procedures.
>> For more information : Senior citizen's information bureau

The associations that support you 

Find the associations that support people with disability whether hearing, cognitive, mental, intellectual and psychological, motor or visual.
>> list found on the city website www.toulouse. fr

Getting around

Standard urban transport networks and Mobibus are provided for disabled people to facilitate local travel.


Bus and metro lines

Almost half the bus network lines are totally wheelchair accessible. These buses have low floors and thus improved accessibility for people with reduced mobility. You can consult the list of buses on the Tisséo site. From its initial design phase, the Toulouse metro network was developed to facilitate public transport accessibility for the disabled. Visual and sound announcements help people to find their way around the network.
>> For more information in french : www.toulouse.fr

Adapted public transport service : Mobibus

This transport service is designed for people with reduced mobility who cannot use standard city networks due to their handicap. Today it is operating in 86 towns throughout greater Toulouse and it provides a door-to-door service for users in adapted vehicles (moveable ramps, flat floor, etc.) with specially trained drivers.
A single ticket costs 3€, a book of tickets costs 27€. You may also buy off-peak tickets or a subscription.
Booking is compulsory before each journey.

Adapted private transport

- ANPIHM - Tel. : 05 61 53 86 03
- Autonomia : 0 820 024 810 (n°indigo) - www.autonomia.fr
- SOTAF - Tél. : 05 61 56 40 44

Private vehicle

No less than 845 parking spaces are reserved for reduced mobility people throughout the city. These places are reserved for vehicle holders with a European parking card or a GIG or GIC card.
>> For more information in french : www.toulouse.fr
Car parks equipped with lifts are also reserved and specifically secured areas.

In a wheelchair or on foot

The city hall provides visually-impaired people with universal Remote Control units for traffic lights. These are distributed in the 24 district city halls as well as in the Family Information bureau (on the Capitole).