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Bus, metro, tramway : one ticket for all networks

Tickets used for the tramway are the same tickets for the metro and the bus. They can be purchased from automatic distributers on the station platforms, in commercial Tisséo agencies and from commercial partners but not on the tram! Tickets and Pastel cards give you access to three different routes on the bus, metro and tram network.
Allô Tisséo : 05 61 41 70 70


The Toulouse conglomeration network comprises around 80 bus routes.
Additionally, there is a Request-based transport service network (Transport à la demande –TAD).
This request-based service (TAD) is designed for people living in areas that are not covered by regular bus services. It operates on a booking basis at least two hours before your trip by calling the free phone 0800 929 929 between 6:30 and 22:30

Evening services
To facilitate night time travel, Tisséo operates bus services on routes 2, 10, 12, 16, 22, 38, 66, 79, 81, 88 as well as the "TAD" request routes 106, 119 and 120.
- from 21:30 to 1:00 Fridays and Saturdays
- from 21:30 to midnight Sundays and Thursdays.
These services leave from the Cours Dillon, Marengo- SNCF, Balma-Gramont, Ramonville (métro) and Aéroconstellation. They are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

This night service takes students leaving the main nightlife sites in the centre of town back to their university campuses, an initiative that therefore invites young people to entrust the latter part of their evening and ride back home to Tisséo's care to avoid putting their lives at risk.
This new «town to campus» service will remain in operation throughout the university year, from September to June, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 1:00 to 5:00 departing from Marengo SNCF every hour.
Buses are accessible according to the price in force on the Tisséo network and by validating a «single trip» ticket or showing a valid season ticket when you board the bus. Noctambus enables all those who wish to make the most of Toulouse's festive night-time attractions to get back home safely and in complete peace of mind.

The Tisséo Pastel card
The Tisséo Pastel card gives access to advantageous rates on the whole bus, metro, tramway and VélôToulouse.



The Toulouse metro has two lines that interconnect in the city centre at the Jean-Jaurès station. Line A includes 18 stations and line B has 20 stations.The first departures from each terminus take place as from 5:15. The last departures from each terminus take place from midnight on Sunday to Thursday and from 1:00 Fridays and Saturday.

Senior citizens, discover the Toulouse-Tisséo Toulouse city card

Tisséo relay park (parking)
Car parks are at your disposal at Jolimont metro stations (350 places), Basso-Cambo (540 places), Arènes (600 places), Argoulets (900 places) and Balma-Gramont (1,360 places). Access to car parking is free. You just have to keep your validated bus or metro ticket which is valid for 1 hour after the first validation of the return part of the journey. Car parks are open from 4:45 to 0:45 (1:15 on Fridays and Saturdays).

Line C (TER - SNCF link to Colomiers)
Line C links Arènes to Colomiers, serving Toec, Lardenne, Saint-Martin-du-Touch, Les Ramassiers and Colomiers. Important: the Tisséo transport ticket gives you access to connecting trains in second class


Line T1 relays the metro service
Line T1 has been up and running since November 2010. The tramway ensures daily connections between lines A and C by linking Beauzelle (Aéroconstallation) to Toulouse.
The Toulouse terminus at the Arènes station provides a connection from the tramway with line A of the metro, line C and the existing bus network.

Hours and frequency
First departures: 4:50 from Aéroconstellation, 5:35 from Arènes.
Last departures: 23:50 weekdays (0:50 Fridays and Saturdays) from Aéroconstellation, 0:30 from Arènes (1:30 on weekends).

Relay parks (parking)
Two free relay parks located at the line terminus are open at the same times as the tramway. Exiting the car park is done by validating your transport ticket.


This transport service is designed for people with reduced mobility who cannot use standard city networks due to their handicap.

Tisseo Mobibus - TPMR Toulouse
133, chemin du Sang de Serp
Call Azur number: 0810 00 32 31 or 05 56 43 53 28