Student and young professional accomodation No to deteriorated habitat

The city of Toulouse, in cooperation with many partners, is setting up a free aid system, intended for students and young professionals who rent deteriorated apartments in Toulouse. The goal is to support them with their landlords to have the necessary work done to bring the  habitat up to compliance.

What is a deteriorated habitat ?

A habitat is described as deteriorated or unfit when it presents risks to the health and :or safety of its occupants.

What are the risks to health ?

> Insalubrious accommodation or in poor condition can cause real health disorders.
The moist, mildew, the humidity… can cause allergies, or even pulmonary diseases.
> The presence of pest (mice, rats or cockroaches) ran result in infectious diseases.
> A gas boiler that is too old or defective, improper ventilation, can lead to carbon monoxide intoxication
> An electrical system that is too old or does not meet safety rules can trigger an electrical short circuit,  electrocution or even a fire.
> There are also psychological risks when living on unsuitable premises : ill-lit basement, attic or premises.

How to know if you live in a deteriorated habitat ?

You can prepare a report answering questions on a number of points : heating, electricity, humidity...
Click here to download a questionnaire that will help you prepare a report (.pdf format).

Inspection of my apartement

Whole mildew plaques are seen, particularly in humid rooms (bathroom, shower room, kitchen), or even other rooms
❍ YES ❍ NO

Humidity infiltrations are seen along the walls or under non water-proof windows.
❍ YES ❍ NO

Some electrical wires are not set in the wall with ducts. Many outlets have multiple plug cords. Some outlets are not grounded. Insulating screw joints are accessible.
❍ YES ❍ NO

The heating is rudimentary and does not allow to exceed 15°C on some winter days.
❍ YES ❍ NO

Some rooms are not ventilated as there are no windows nor ventilation grids.
❍ YES ❍ NO

Accomodation location
The accommodation is located in a basement, cellar or in an attic.
❍ YES ❍ NO

Surface area
The main room measures less than 9 m2  under 2 m 20 ceiling height.
❍ YES ❍ NO

The main room or the bedroom has no window.
❍ YES ❍ NO

There is not enough light in the living rooms (living room, bedroom) and a lamp is needed even in good weather.
❍ YES ❍ NO

There can be pest in the apartment : cockroaches, mice, rats that come from outside, whereas the cleaning is done regularly in the apartment.
❍ YES ❍ NO

YES ❍      NO ❍

If you have more than two YESES in that report, your apartment may probably be considered deteriorated.

What to do if you live in a deteriorated habitat  ?

We advise you to act as follows :
A first amicable phase by writing a letter to your landlord * (keep a copy) to inform him of the condition of the apartment, and ask him to take required measures.
You can download a model (.pdf format) given for informational purposes and intended to help you write your own letter

If you get no answer
Get in touch with the mayor's office, health and hygiene department and prepare a report *.
You can download a model (.pdf format) given for informational purposes and intended to help you write your own letter
You can send that report by e-mail.
You will get a visit from a technician within 15 days after your request. He will prepare an  objective report and send a letter, sent by the mayor of Toulouse, to your landlord, asking him to have carried out the necessary work within a deadline.

If nothing is done
Measures can be taken against the landlord to force him to bring the accommodation up to compliance.
In the most serious cares, the SCHS can act on behalf of the prefect and of the City of Toulouse to have the work done on behalf of the landlord, and relocate the occupants temporarily.

Partners of the system

Direction Départementale des Territoires DDT31, unsuitable habitat prevention department
Toulouse métropole
Caisse d'Allocations Familiales31
Agence Départementale d'Information  sur le Logement  de Haute Garonne, ADIL 31
Centre Régional Information Jeunesse, CRIJ  31
 Toulouse University (COMUE / SIMPPS)
Union Régionale pour l'Habitat des Jeunes Midi-Pyrénées, URHAJ
Union Départementale pour l'Habitat des Jeunes, UDHAJ
Avenir Santé
Comite Local pour le Logement Autonome des Jeunes, CLLAJ 31,
Mission locale Toulouse



> The city's departments and partners' departments are free for occupants.
> The occupant cannot be evicted, and his rent should remain the same after the work, he will not loose his deposit.
> The occupant improves his living conditions or that of the following tenant in the apartment.
> The city health and hygiene department acts only in Toulouse. For other cities, reports should be sent to the unsuitable habitat prevention centre at

Practical information

Mairie de Toulouse, Service communal d'hygiène et de santé
17 place de la Daurade
31 040 Toulouse
Phone : 05 61 22 23 32  or 05 61 22 27 42
Fax : 05 61 22 38 86