Handicap and accessibility

Discover practical information to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities : information center, travel, associations ...

Extra municipal commission for accessibility for people with disabilities

The extra municipal Commission for accessibility for people with disabilities is composed of 15 associations.

Its missions include :
- carrying out a periodic analysis on accessibility in buildings, thoroughfares, public spaces and transport ;
- formulating proposals related to accessibility requirements ;
- establishing an annual report for presentation to the Municipal Council and transmission to institutions, as well as to the managers of buildings, facilities and work places concerned by the report.

Its primary areas of involvement
- The individual in the city as regards accessibility within the  urban area and public buildings ;
- Childcare for children with disability

Toulouse Connect

A service for the visually-impaired .
>> For more information in french 

The José-Cabanis multimedia library proposes specific facilities for the visually-impaired as well as a collection of 1,600 books and braille newspapers for adults and children, which can be viewed on the premises or taken out.Websourd is an accessibility system, including translations, sign language services, books in braille, etc.

The Information bureau for senior citizens

The Capitole information bureau for senior citizens centralises all information needed by senior citizens for living in Toulouse (8,000 addresses and 500 listed associations). This information centre has become even more accessible since one of the senior councillors involved was specially trained to inform hearing- impaired people. Apart from his own personal interest in sign language, which "demands enormous attention because everything is based on gesture, facial and bodily expression", this training will provide a proper service for hearing-impaired people and will open the way to administrative procedures.
>> For more information : Senior citizen's information bureau

The associations that support you 

Find the associations that support people with disability whether hearing, cognitive, mental, intellectual and psychological, motor or visual.
>> list found on the city website www.toulouse. fr

Getting around

Standard urban transport networks and Mobibus are provided for disabled people to facilitate local travel.


Bus and metro lines

Almost half the bus network lines are totally wheelchair accessible. These buses have low floors and thus improved accessibility for people with reduced mobility. You can consult the list of buses on the Tisséo site. From its initial design phase, the Toulouse metro network was developed to facilitate public transport accessibility for the disabled. Visual and sound announcements help people to find their way around the network.
>> For more information in french : www.toulouse.fr

Adapted public transport service : Mobibus

This transport service is designed for people with reduced mobility who cannot use standard city networks due to their handicap. Today it is operating in 86 towns throughout greater Toulouse and it provides a door-to-door service for users in adapted vehicles (moveable ramps, flat floor, etc.) with specially trained drivers.
A single ticket costs 3€, a book of tickets costs 27€. You may also buy off-peak tickets or a subscription.
Booking is compulsory before each journey.

Adapted private transport

- ANPIHM - Tel. : 05 61 53 86 03
- Autonomia : 0 820 024 810 (n°indigo) - www.autonomia.fr
- SOTAF - Tél. : 05 61 56 40 44

Private vehicle

No less than 845 parking spaces are reserved for reduced mobility people throughout the city. These places are reserved for vehicle holders with a European parking card or a GIG or GIC card.
>> For more information in french : www.toulouse.fr
Car parks equipped with lifts are also reserved and specifically secured areas.

In a wheelchair or on foot

The city hall provides visually-impaired people with universal Remote Control units for traffic lights. These are distributed in the 24 district city halls as well as in the Family Information bureau (on the Capitole).


Guidance brochure - Toulouse for the new arrivals

Each year, the City of Toulouse publishes a guide for newcomers. Translated into English and Spanish, this guide identifies Toulouse and lot of practical information great festival gatherings, administrative procedure, cards, contacts, etc.). Classified by theme. Find below the download on this page.


Toulouse and citizenship
Toulouse and transportation
Toulouse and youth
Toulouse and sports
Toulouse and culture
Toulouse and solidarity
Toulouse and environment

> Download 2015 version (pdf)




Article mis à jour le 24/08/2015

By car

If you travel by car, find out on this page information about the resident parking, carpooling system developed by Tisséo, and carsharing by Mobilib.

 Resident parking facility

In your district, the City of Toulouse has set up a system making it easier for residents to find parking places. In streets equipped with a parking meter, parking fees are charged from 9:00 to 20:00 in districts with resident parking.

Resident subscribers can park :
- all day in residential street
- from 18:00 to 9:00 the next day in commercial streets.

Outside of resident parking hours you must pay the normal parking fee.

Regulation reminder

All residents must respect regulations applicable in Toulouse that limit parking in a specific space to 24 consecutive hours. Every 24 hours, you must check the applicable regulations at the place where you are parked. For example, if there is any house moving or street work, your car must be moved.

Applicable districts
Balance, Bazacle, Belfort, Capitole, Les Carmes, Compans, Concorde, Dupuy, Jardin des Plantes, La Grave, Leclerc, Menuisiers , Monplaisir Ozenne, Péri, Raymond IV, Saint Aubin, Saint- Michel, Saint- Sernin, Sébastopol, Soupirs Taur, Teinturiers, Valade, Wilson.

> More information



Toulouse's shared car service ! With Citiz Toulouse you can hire a car for an hour or more, on a self-service basis near you 24/24 7 days a week.

Subscribe to Citiz from Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 19:00

116 Grande rue Saint-Michel
Tél. : 05 31 61 63 09

Capooling by Tisseo

In order to make ridesharing easier, Tisséo has created a specially devoted service offering efficient advice and assistance. It records your registration and puts you in contact with other ridesharers.

This very flexible service enables ridesharers to adapt to their chosen frequency and cancel their registration at any time. Tisséo's ridesharing service operates from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00.

Tél. : 05 34 66 51 48


Being informed makes for easier driving

Several large development projects aimed at transforming Toulouse are beginning in 2012.
These development projects will help improve travelling and mobility for all users, redevelop the public areas in the city centre and make roads and networks safer.

In order to keep inhabitants and users informed regarding all the work currently underway, the town and urban community of Greater Toulouse is deploying an unprecedented information system.
To find out all about the sequence of developments and their impact on traffic, check out the following website : www.travaux.toulouse.fr and the monthly INFO TRAVAUX newsletter.

You can also register to stay up-to-date in real time by SMS : substantial disturbances to traffic, how work is unfolding and any events that affect traffic, such as sporting and cultural events...
And finally, a new geo-localization app for Smartphones providing real-time updates on work progress in addition to keep update with any traffic problems.

Toulouse supports its young population

Toulouse beats for the youth ! Assistance for accommodation, for transportation, for fun ... find all the practical information !

Citizen's advice

Procedures at the city hall or in your local district city hall www.toulouse.fr (procedures)
www.mon.service-public.fr (Census and signing up on the electoral roll)

Authorisation for travelling abroad for under the age of 18

To go abroad without their parents, minors must obtain a specific authorisation certificate prior to the trip.

Census certificate

The census is compulsory between the 16th birthday and the three following months. A certificate is delivered at the town hall on presentation of an ID card and the "livret de famille" (family booklet). This certificate is essential, particularly for exams and for taking part in the defence and civic day (what used to be called the JAPD).

Signing onto the electoral roll

Signing onto your town's electoral roll is compulsory if you want to vote. This concerns newcomers to the city and young people who have come of age (for having reached 18 or going to be 18 years old before March 1st  of the election year and the day before the election).
Young European union nationals can vote in municipal and European elections.
>> For more information in french


Centre for children and young people's rights

This is a place where you can be heard and obtain information about rights relating to minors and young people over 18.
A legal advisor, a social worker and a psychologist are there to answer questions.
The service is free, anonymous and confidential.

Maison des droits des enfants et des jeunes
6, rue des Couteliers - 05 61 53 22 63
Accueil tous les mercredis de 14 h à 16 h
Sur rendez-vous du lundi au samedi de 9 h à 19 h
Métro Esquirol ou Carmes

Maison de justice et du droit de la Reynerie
2, impasse Abbé-Salvat - 05 61 43 06 94
Les 1er et 3e mercredis de chaque mois de 14 h à 17 h
Métro Reynerie

Maison de justice et du droit - Nord (Lalande)
210, avenue de Fronton - 05 34 42 29 50
Les 2e et 4e mercredis de chaque mois de 14 h à 17 h
Métro La Vache puis bus 60 ou 69.


Taking part in city life

Young people's Council

This council enables the 15-25 year olds to speak up, take part in politics and get involved in different projects.
This institution represents young people from different backgrounds (young employed, trainees, job seekers, etc.) and actually participates in city hall work.
Meetings take place 3 to 4 times per month.

Student Council

The Student Council (CVE) associates volunteer students, CROuS delegates, health insurance representatives and university representatives for dealing with student issues. Students take part in municipal discussions and actions.

Centres for young people

Based on a local approach (local centres and presence in the field), teams working specifically for young people (monitors and educators) propose collective and individual support, designed to embrace requests and needs among 11 to 25 year olds and, more globally, they help young people to get involved and take their place in city life.
To date, 14 of these teams exist in Toulouse (Bellefontaine, Reynerie, Mirail université, Pradettes, Saint-Martin, Faourette, Bagatelle, Vestrepain, Empalot, Rangueil, Izards, Chamois, Bourbaki, Hers).
Social Development service - Tel. 05 62 27 67 65

Toulouse Mission locale

Reception, information, guidance, job seeking support for young people from 16 to 25


Local autonomous housing committee for young people in the Haute-Garonne (CllAJ 31)

For young employees from 16 to 30 years old.
This information service is with or without an appointment. It is designed for young people who need information, guidance and help finding autonomous, temporary or long-term housing. 

23, rue Albanie-Regourd. Tél. : 05 61 23 60 19
mail - www.cllaj31.org
Métro Jean-Jaurès
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 16:00 to 20:30

Pass-log is a city hall solidarity initiative

It is available for French and foreign students aged 18 to 26 years depending on their resources.
Pass-Log advances the first month's rent (a maximum amount of 500 €). From the 3rd month following allocation, a minimum of 10 € must be reimbursed every month at no interest (maximum duration of 3 years).
The + Pass-Log completes this national Loca-Pass® advance payment service that finances the deposit requested, by the landlord on entering the premises.
>> For more information : www.toulouse.fr or www.passlog.univ-toulouse.fr


Foyers for young employed people

For young people from 16 to 28 years : students, young employed, job seekers, trainees, etc.
Temporary housing solutions while awaiting permanent accommodation.
>> For more information : www.toulouse.fr or www.ufjt.org

KAPS is a Toulouse solidarity apartment share ser

For students (on application)
An innovative form of commitment that combines student rooming and social commitment involving actions organised and coordinated in the district in collaboration with the Afev (City's student foundation association).
An additional benefit : furnished equipped flats, low rents, citizen commitment.
>> For more information : www.toulouse.fr or www.afev.org


For more information in french :
www.toulouse.fr see the section on housing support



Bus, metro, tramway and VélôToulouse

For the under 26 year olds, the Tisséo Pastel card gives access to advantageous rates on the whole bus, metro, tramway and VélôToulouse network for an annual or monthly subscription or for a ticket of 10 trips.
Go to www.tisseo.fr or the Tisséo information offices in the place Occitane or at the Arènes and Jean-Jaurès stations.



VélôToulouse is a self-service bike hire system.
Long or short term subscription: the first half-hour is free.
253 bike stations are located around the city centre and are available 24/24.


Culture and sport for the age of 25 and under

Promotional rates are applied directly for the age of 25 and under.
Many municipal activities are covered : swimming, ice skating, physical and sports activities, artistic activities, cultural activities, traditional crafts and leisure as well as discounts on various kinds of shows, concerts, theatre, cinema conferences, and exhibitions.

Toulouse Cultures Card

The Toulouse Cultures card gives access to discounts in many cultural venues (cinemas, theatres, museums, festivals, libraries, etc.) and enables people to participate in many different activities. This can be obtained from one of the cultural centres or from the Jules Julien theatre on presentation of ID .
>> For more information : www.cultures.toulouse.fr

Toulouse Jeunes Vouchers

Designed for young people aged 17 to 26, it gives access to discounts for shows, plays, museums cinemas, sports matches and operas. Two formulas are available:
- "Chéquier Toulouse Jeunes – Culture (7 youth vouchers)".
- "Chéquier Toulouse Jeunes - Culture and Sport" 7 Culture vouchers and 4 Sport vouchers: free tickets for some matches at the Stade Toulousain, the TFC and Toulouse Handball.
>> For more information : www.cultures.toulouse.fr

Clé Capitole Jeunes

"Clé Capitole Jeunes" youth vouchers enables people under 27 to attend 3 shows of the season of the Théâtre du Capitole or the Orchestre du Capitole at a preferential rate (on available space).
Tél : 05 61 63 13 13

Décroche le Son

A music contest reserved for the 16-25s. The Toulouse city hall lends its stages to amateur groups and supports the winners. A "talent show" event for young Toulouse music groups
>> For more information : www.cultures.toulouse.fr

Information for young people

Access to information université de Toulouse

A single site for all student information, to find a higher education course or simply consult the universities and grandes écoles programmes in Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees.

Centre régional d'information jeunesse en Midi-Pyrénées (Crij)
(local youth information centre )

Practical information for young people from the Toulouse area :

Centre-ville - 17, rue de Metz - Tél. : 05 61 21 20 20
Métro Esquirol
Bellefontaine - 28, allées de Bellefontaine
Tél. : 05 61 40 57 87
Métro Bellefontaine
Jolimont - 32, rue de la Caravelle
Tél. : 05 34 25 64 78
Métro Jolimont
Quartiers Nord - 118, boulevard Pierre et Marie-Curie -
Tél. : 05 62 72 23 78
Métro Barrière de Paris - Bus 27
Rangueil - CREPS - 1, avenue Édouard-Belin
Tél. : 05 62 17 90 54
Métro Faculté de pharmacie


Civil Status and administrative formalities

You will find on this page information about the administrative procedures (birth, marriage, civil unions, election, etc), Addresses of councils annexes, the City Council and local democracy council.

City council of Toulouse

Accueil Général
Place du Capitole
Opening hours  : from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:30

Civil status services
6, rue du Lieutenant-Colonel Pélissier
Tél. : 05 61 22 30 26
Opening hours  : from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 17:00, Fridays from 8:30 to 16:45

District town halls


 Civil status service

Administrative formalities

3101 office de la Tranquillité (Citizen Advice bureau)

Civil status


Civil status service
6 rue du Lieutenant-Colonel-Pélissier
Tél. : 05 61 22 30 26 ou 05 61 22 32 41
Opening hours  : from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 17:00, Fridays from 8:30 to 16:45

Births must be declared within three days after the birth. Declaring acknowledgement of paternity of the child must be established by means of a certificate acknowledging paternity. Indication of the mother's name on her child's birth certificate is equivalent to acknowledgement of maternity.
However, establishment of parentage requires the father to undertake a personal procedure on his own initiative at the civil status service or before a notary.



Civil status service
6 rue du Lieutenant-Colonel Pélissier
Tél. : 05 61 22 30 26 ou 05 61 22 32 41
Opening hours  : from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 17:00, Fridays from 8:30 to 16:45

The application must only be submitted to the civil registrar, before the scheduled marriage date at least:
- 20 days beforehand if the future spouses lives in Toulouse,
- 30 days beforehand if one of the future spouses lives in a different town,
- 40 days beforehand if one of the future spouses is living abroad.

You must come to the civil status offices no later than 15 min before closing.
Days on which marriages take place are : Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, morning and afternoon Marriages take place in the salle des Illustres, Hôtel de Ville, place du Capitole.


PACS (Civil solidarity pact)

Both partners must make a joint declaration at the registry if the small claims court (Tribunal d'Instance) in which they determine their communal residence.

Tribunal d'Instance de Toulouse
Droits et obligations du PACS

40, avenue Camille-Pujol
BP 35847
31 506 Toulouse Cedex 5
Tél. : 05 34 31 79 79

Toulouse residents, you may celebrate the signing of your civil solidarity pact (PACS) in the salle des Illustres.

For this you must pick up a specific application form :
- by downloading the information document from the site toulouse.fr
- Administrative Formalities,
6, rue du Lieutenant-Colonel Pélissier
Opening hours : from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 17:00, Fridays from 8:30 to 16:45
Tél. : 05 61 22 30 26
- in a district town hall



Declaring deaths

This declaration must be carried out within 24 hours following the death, to a civil status registrar of the town where the death took place.


In Toulouse, you can do this at one of two addresses :
- 6 rue du Lieutenant-colonel Pélissier,Tél.: 05 61 22 30 26,
Opening hours : from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 17:00, Fridays from 8:30 to 16:45
- 2 rue de l'Abbé Jules-Lemire, Tél.: 05 67 73 85 12 ou 05 67 73 85 13,
Opening hours : every day from 8:30 to 18:00 all day


Administrative formalities

Administrative formalities services
Place du capitole - Cour Henri IV - porte 12
Tél. : 05 61 22 32 30
Opening hours : from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 17:00, Fridays from 8:30 to 16:45


Passport are compulsory for entering most foreign countries.
Since June 2 2009, all passports are biometric.
All passport applications as well as passport pick up are carried out by appointment only from Monday to Friday at one of the thirteen district town halls that deal with this service (see below).
To submit your passport application to the administrative formalities department in the Place du Capitole : with an appointment, contact them by phone   05 62 27 40 80.
The applicant must be present in person when submitting a passport application and on passport pick up, including minors.

You can submit your passport application in the town halls of other towns provided and equipped with biometric services (to find out more go to : www.haute-garonne.pref.gouv.fr
In Toulouse, you must allow for 15 days on average between the time of submittal and obtaining your passport. Please keep in mind that deadlines can be longer prior to school vacations during summer times. 

The application must be submitted at the administrative formalities service or in one of the town halls equipped with a biometric service.

Secteur 2 :
- Saint-Cyprien : 05 61 22 22 36
- Desbals : 05 61 41 23 80

Secteur 3 :
- Croix Daurade : 05 61 99 84 80
- Lalande : 05 61 13 80 47
- Minimes : 05 61 12 52 30

Secteur 4 :
- Roseraie : 05 61 26 40 92*
- Bonnefoy : 05 61 22 22 32

Secteur 5 :
- Maison de la Citoyenneté Niel : 05 67 7387 67
- Ormeau : 05 61 20 76 47
- Pont des Demoiselles : 05 61 43 47 40

Secteur 6 :
- Bellefontaine : 05 61 43 04 26
- Lafourguette : 05 61 40 92 55
- Lardenne : 05 61 49 67 29

* In work until April 2013 (biometric passport service unavailable).

Identity card

The national identity card is valid for 10 years. The application must be submitted to the administrative formalities service or to one of the district town halls.
Because fingerprints must be taken, it is compulsory for the applicant to be present in person when applying for an identity card, including minors. Minors must be accompanied by the person who holds parental authority.

Administrative formalities services
Hôtel de ville - place du Capitole
Cour Henri IV - rez-de-chaussée porte 12
05 61 22 32 07 ou 05 61 22 32 30
Opening hours : from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 17:00, Fridays from 8:30 to 16:45


Certificate stating domestic partnership

The certificate of domestic partnership is a document that proves that you are living as a couple.
Both parties must be present. They must be accompanied by two witnesses over 18 years of age and have no family ties with the couple.
The application must be submitted to the administrative formalities service or to district town halls.

Administrative formalities services

Hôtel de ville - place du Capitole
Cour Henri IV - rez-de-chaussée porte 12
05 61 22 32 07 ou 05 61 22 32 30
Opening hours  : from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 17:00, Fridays from 8:30 to 16:45

Certificate of accommodation for a foreign visitor

Are you planning to accommodate a foreign national (from outside of the Eu) for a vacation lasting less than three months?
A form must be completed within six months prior to their visit. Information can be obtained from the administrative formalities service.

Administrative formalities services
Hôtel de ville - place du Capitole
Cour Henri IV - rez-de-chaussée porte 12
05 61 22 32 07 ou 05 61 22 32 30
Opening hours  : from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 17:00, Fridays from 8:30 to 16:45

Vehicle registration certificate (Carte grise)

From the January 7 2008, and in some specific cases, you can submit your application for a vehicle registration certificate at your district town hall or at the administrative formalities department at the City Hall, place du Capitole.

You can submit your application to the municipal services in the following cases:
- change of ownership (excluding specific cases that are dealt with by the Prefecture)
- change of address
- if the vehicle registration certificate is stolen or lost (duplicate application)

Applications submitted to municipal services are transferred to the Prefecture which ensures its registration and follow up. Within one to two weeks the Prefecture sends the registration certificate by registered post to the holder's address.

Applications dealt with exclusively by the Prefecture
- new vehicles
- special vehicles with more than 10 CV acquired after 1st June 2004 – vintage cars
- electric carts
- company cars
- vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (camping car, caravans, utility vehicles, etc.) – quads
- imported vehicles (all countries)
- vehicles registered in the French DOM -TOM
- transformed vehicles
- vehicles acquired from public estates
- vehicles to be scrapped (written off or financially irreparable) – in the event of an inheritance
- for a change of civil or marital status.

3101 office de la Tranquillité (Citizen Advice bureau)

Neighbourhood conflict, noise and air pollution, graffiti removal, upgrading roads, bulky throwaway items

Dial 31 01 : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a person will take and manage your call.



Emergency numbers and healthcare

List of useful numbers to keep next to the telephone in case of an emergency.

Your GP is your first medical point of contact. When GP surgeries are closed, they leave a message on their answering service with instructions and, if applicable, provide the number of the on-call doctor. Emergency numbers are 15, 17, 18 and 112 and are public emergency services. Their use is strictly reserved for emergency calls.

On-call doctors and Hospitals. Depending on the case, SAMu 31 will direct you to an on duty doctor or a hospital.
Tél.: 15 - Tél.: 0561496666 - Tél.: 0534393333

SOS médecin 31
Visits and consultations in Toulouse and conglomeration 24/24.
Tél.: 0561330000

Anti-poison centre
Tél.: 0561777447

Respiratory physiotherapy
Emergency service on weekends only in Toulouse and Greater Toulouse.
Tél.: 0534254873

On-call dentists
Tél.: 0561548080

On-call pharmacies
Weekend days and bank holidays
Tél.: 0561772018

Night pharmacies
Tél.: 0561623805
Open on weekday evenings, Sunday and bank holidays from 20:00 to 8:00.

Children's emergencies

  • Clinique Saint-Jean-du-Languedoc
    20 route de Revel - Tél.: 0561549677
    Saturdays from 13:00 to 22:00, Sundays and bank holidays from 8:00 to 22:00 by appointment.
  • Hôpital Purpan
    330 avenue de Grande-Bretagne - Tél.: 0534558633

SOS bronchiolitis assistance.
On call weekends and bank holidays Reception opens from Fridays 14:00
Tél.: 0562885040

Service Communal d'Hygiène et de Santé (SCHS)
17, place de la Daurade
Informations et conseils au 0561222344.
> Vaccinations recommended in France (Free and without an appointment). Diphteria-tetanos-polio, whooping cough, measles- mumps-rubella, hepatitis B, meningitis C
Lundi de 13h30 à 16h, mercredi de 9h à 11h30 et de 13h30 à 16h, vendredi de 12h à 16h.

> International vaccinations (By appointment)
Yellow fever, meningococ meningitis, hepatitis, typhoid, rabies, Japanese encephalitis depending on destination (vaccinations are chargeable).
For appointments tel.: 05 61 22 23 46, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 17:00

Centre de vaccinations Internationales

  • CHU Purpan - Place du Docteur Baylac Tél.: 0561772409
  • Hôpital Joseph-Ducuing
    15, rue de Varsovie - Tél.: 0561775030
  • Service Communal d'Hygiène et de Santé 17, place de la Daurade - Tél.: 0561222344


Public transportation - Tisséo

Bus, metro, tramway : one ticket for all networks

Tickets used for the tramway are the same tickets for the metro and the bus. They can be purchased from automatic distributers on the station platforms, in commercial Tisséo agencies and from commercial partners but not on the tram! Tickets and Pastel cards give you access to three different routes on the bus, metro and tram network.

Allô Tisséo : 05 61 41 70 70


The Toulouse conglomeration network comprises around 80 bus routes.
Additionally, there is a Request-based transport service network (Transport à la demande –TAD).
This request-based service (TAD) is designed for people living in areas that are not covered by regular bus services. It operates on a booking basis at least two hours before your trip by calling the free phone 0800 929 929 between 6:30 and 22:30

Evening services
To facilitate night time travel, Tisséo operates bus services on routes 2, 10, 12, 16, 22, 38, 66, 79, 81, 88 as well as the "TAD" request routes 106, 119 and 120.
- from 21:30 to 1:00 Fridays and Saturdays
- from 21:30 to midnight Sundays and Thursdays.
These services leave from the Cours Dillon, Marengo- SNCF, Balma-Gramont, Ramonville (métro) and Aéroconstellation. They are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

This night service takes students leaving the main nightlife sites in the centre of town back to their university campuses, an initiative that therefore invites young people to entrust the latter part of their evening and ride back home to Tisséo's care to avoid putting their lives at risk.
This new «town to campus» service will remain in operation throughout the university year, from September to June, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 1:00 to 5:00 departing from Marengo SNCF every hour.
Buses are accessible according to the price in force on the Tisséo network and by validating a «single trip» ticket or showing a valid season ticket when you board the bus. Noctambus enables all those who wish to make the most of Toulouse's festive night-time attractions to get back home safely and in complete peace of mind.

The Tisséo Pastel card
The Tisséo Pastel card gives access to advantageous rates on the whole bus, metro, tramway and VélôToulouse.



The Toulouse metro has two lines that interconnect in the city centre at the Jean-Jaurès station. Line A includes 18 stations and line B has 20 stations.The first departures from each terminus take place as from 5:15. The last departures from each terminus take place from midnight on Sunday to Thursday and from 1:00 Fridays and Saturday.

Senior citizens, discover the Toulouse-Tisséo Toulouse city card

Tisséo relay park (parking)
Car parks are at your disposal at Jolimont metro stations (350 places), Basso-Cambo (540 places), Arènes (600 places), Argoulets (900 places) and Balma-Gramont (1,360 places). Access to car parking is free. You just have to keep your validated bus or metro ticket which is valid for 1 hour after the first validation of the return part of the journey. Car parks are open from 4:45 to 0:45 (1:15 on Fridays and Saturdays).

Line C (TER - SNCF link to Colomiers)
Line C links Arènes to Colomiers, serving Toec, Lardenne, Saint-Martin-du-Touch, Les Ramassiers and Colomiers. Important: the Tisséo transport ticket gives you access to connecting trains in second class


Line T1 relays the metro service
Line T1 has been up and running since November 2010. The tramway ensures daily connections between lines A and C by linking Beauzelle (Aéroconstallation) to Toulouse.
The Toulouse terminus at the Arènes station provides a connection from the tramway with line A of the metro, line C and the existing bus network.

Hours and frequency
First departures: 4:50 from Aéroconstellation, 5:35 from Arènes.
Last departures: 23:50 weekdays (0:50 Fridays and Saturdays) from Aéroconstellation, 0:30 from Arènes (1:30 on weekends).

Relay parks (parking)
Two free relay parks located at the line terminus are open at the same times as the tramway. Exiting the car park is done by validating your transport ticket.


This transport service is designed for people with reduced mobility who cannot use standard city networks due to their handicap.

Tisseo Mobibus - TPMR Toulouse
133, chemin du Sang de Serp
Call Azur number: 0810 00 32 31 or 05 56 43 53 28

Childcare for 0-3 year olds

Looking for a way to rank your child who is under three years ? Click here for information on how to register.

Early childhood centres

Early childhood centres are places that provide childcare, information and handle local enrolments.

Point info famille
Hôtel de Ville
Place du Capitole - RDC - Porte 9 Tél.: 0800 740745
L'accueil téléphonique et les bureaux sont ouverts de 8h30 à 16h45 du lundi au vendredi.
>> Addresses of Early childhood centres


Enrolment procedures

For facilities managed by the city of Toulouse and the CCAS the single admission Commission was set up in March 2011. The Commission allocates crèche places for the City of Toulouse and CCAS centres only.
Implementing the single admission Commission is the result of priorities determined by the municipal council related to place allocation for members of the public: priority is given to working families, single parent families and families who have a family member with a disability ; priority is also granted for specific urgent situations ; the family's social economic situation will be taken into account.

Specific contracts for job seekers are implemented.

Analysis of applications will be carried out on an indicative point-based system with a total that is automatically attributed from information gathered at the time of enrolment. The date of enrolment will only be taken into account in the event of point equality between two applications.
The aim is to examine the extent of each person's individual needs. Each family will be able to access their total points on enrolment if they wish so. All applications will be presented to the single admission Commission.

Temporary and occasional childcare will remain decentralised and the decision taken by the crèche and daycare centre managers.

Enrolment is carried out during an in-depth interview with the family during which the family's professional, financial situation and supporting prerequisite documents are assessed.

Points linked to family composition and their situation in relation to work

  • Couples in which both parties work : 4 points
  • Couples in which one party works : 2 points
  • Couples in which neither party works : 1 point
  • Single parent working families : 5 points
  • Single parent non-working families : 3 points

Points linked to annual income (CAFPRO source or tax form)

  • From 0 to 6,876 € : 3 points
  • From 6,876.01 to 18,000 € : 2.5 points
  • From 18,000.01 to 27,600 € : 2 points
  • From 27,600.01 to 38,400 € : 1.5 points
  • From 38,400.01 to 53,400 € : 1 point
  • Beyond : 0.5 points

Points linked to specific situations to be taken into account

  • urgent situation : 3 points (To be specified at the time of enrolment (death of a close relative, sudden loss of childcare, need for protection)
  • underage parent : 2 points
  • No stable accommodation : 1 point
  • Handicap, chronic disease : 3 points
  • Multiple births and siblings : 1 point
  • Siblings to be placed simultaneously : 0.5 point
  • Adopted child, large family : 0.5 point
  • Child given a place temporarily or obtained a more favourable childcare contract : 1.5 points


For more information in french :

Toulouse, the city of sports

Many sports facilities are at your service to practice a sport. You need a coach ? The City offers throughout the year supervised activities for all ages !

Supervised sports activities

In addition to managing a huge amount of sports equipment, the city of Toulouse organises many courses supervised by qualified staff. The scope of ground and water activities proposed is vast: aquagym, badminton, basketball, climbing, fencing, gymnastics, swimming, ice skating, roller- skating, tennis, archery, sailing and canoeing, etc. In fact there is something for everybody's tastes.

From 6 to 8
Activities proposed: swimming, swimming with flippers (advanced level required) etc.

From 8 to 16
Sports schools, water courses, activities during holiday time, many formulas are offered by the city for stretching your legs !

Children from 16 (and adults)
Tennis, badminton, roller-skating, archery, climbing, gymnastics, tennis, pelota, aquagym, aquafitness, swimming – these are the lessons proposed for children from the age of 16 up plus adults.

Information – Enrolments

Point Accueil Inscriptions
Tél.: 05 61 22 32 64
Fax.: 05 61 22 31 08
Site du Parc des sports (à proximité de la piscine Nakache) 7, allées Gabriel Biénès 31400 Toulouse

Opening hours :
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30 to 17:00.
Tuesdays : from 12:00 to 17:00.
Thursdays : from 10:00 à 17:00.

Pendant les petites vacances scolaires
From monday to thursday : from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 17:00.
Fridays from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 16:30.
>> For more information in french on toulouse.fr

City stades... freely accessible sports stadiums

A variety of sports facilities, free of charge and freely accessible to all are distributed throughout the town : skateboarding, tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, handball, hockey, athletics, petanque...
To find a City Stade close to your home check out the town website: they are listed per sector and in alphabetical order.
 >> list of city stades

 Swimming pools

>> list of swimming pools

Ice rinks

>> list of ice rinks

Sports and leisure bases

Les Argoulets, Gironis, Pech-David, La Grande Plaine, La Ramée, Sesquières.
You can use over 300 municipal sports facilities per sport and per sector at www.toulouse.fr

1, rue du Canon d'Arcole 31200 Toulouse

Mini stays

Only for children enrolled in leisure day care centres, mini stays allow them to discover new horizons. Mini stays are organised during the school holidays. Depending on the season, outdoor activities are on the menu: nature classes, hiking, climbing, sports.
- Who ? Kids 4 to 15
- When ? During school holidays
- Length : 3 to 4 days
- Capacity : 20 to 30 places per stay
- Accommodation : camping, country rentals, leisure base, holiday centres
- Place : Southern France
Where to enrol :
At all leisure day care centres. www.toulouse.fr

Summer holiday stays

Sign up for summer holidays. The Toulouse City Hall gives your kids aged 4 to 14 the possibility of spending 12 to 19 days of summer holidays in July and August. The seaside, the mountains or the countryside are never far from Toulouse and offer endless occasions for discovery, expression and play.
Bookings start in march.
Supervised by a team of qualified monitors, your children will benefit from a great experience and facilities in tip-top shape. The City of Toulouse is a cosignatory of the quality charter handed to you when you sign up.
- Who ? 4 to 14
- When ? July and August
- Length : 2 to 3 weeks
- Capacity : 50 to 110 places
- Accommodation : outdoor centres
- Place : Pyrenees and Spain

Information - Booking
Unité Accueil Informations Inscriptions
Direction Enfance et Parents
1 rue Sébastopol
31000 Toulouse (métro Compans)
05 61 22 23 68
Opening hours : from Monday to wednesday from 8:30 to 17:00, Fridays from 8:30 to 17h:00
Closed on Thursdays all day long.


By bike

You move around by bike ? This page offers many information to facilitate your movements.

VÉLÔ Toulouse

The automatized bike hire system, Vélô Toulouse, is a short-term bike rental service that operates 24/24.

253 stations and 2,400 bikes are available on a self-service basis. With or without a subscription, the first half-hour is free and the second is 0.50 centimes. Since October 5 2011, users of the self-service bike hire service can subscribe to the Vélô Toulouse service with their Pastel Tisséo card. Users benefit from an annual 20€ subscription fee instead of 25€.

Customer Service :
7 days a week from Monday to Saturday 8:00 to 20:00 and Sundays from 10:30 to 19:00.
Tél. : 0800 11 22 05 (gratuit depuis un téléphone fixe)

Altern'mobil/Taxi Bikes

For city transport or for guided visits of our towns, forget your car! In the city centre, the Altern'mobil network offers an affordable, original and rapid alternative - 100 % ecological.
The Altern'mobil network proposes a city transport service adapted for everyone. These taxi bikes quietly nip around town, avoiding city obstacles (like cycle paths, pedestrian areas, bus corridors, etc.). Elderly people and reduced mobility people enjoy the safety of this service (which is why parents also like to use this service for their children. People with lots of shopping like to use it as well.).

4, Grande rue Saint-Nicolas
Tél. : 05 61 48 06 35
Métro Saint-Cyprien-République

Maison du velo (Bike House)

The only one of its kind in Toulouse, La Maison du vélo federates many initiatives on the theme of bikes and proposes associative services (long-term rental, bike repair, bike library, bike school) and a café-restaurant.

Maison du vélo
12, boulevard Bonrepos - 31000 Toulouse
05 34 40 64 72

Waste and cleanliness

Cleanliness is a priority of the municipal team. Click here to find the coordinates of collection centers and information about cleanliness.

Waste collection center

Free of charge
Access conditions and information available from the «office de la Tranquillité» on 31.01

Déchèterie d'Atlanta
23, chemin de Gramont
Opening hours : from tuesday to saturday : from 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00
Fermée les jours fériés.

Déchèterie de Monlong
15, rue Paul Rocaché 31100 Toulouse
Opening hours : from tuesday to saturday : from 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00
Sundays : from 9:00 to 12:00.
Fermés les jours fériés.

Déchèterie de Turlu
23, chemin de Turlu
Opening hours : from tuesday to saturday : from 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00
Sundays : from 9:00 to 12:00.
Fermée les jours fériés

Dépôt relais des Cosmonautes
12 ter, rue des cosmonautes ZI de Montaudran
Opening hours : from tuesday to saturday : from 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00
Fermée les jours fériés

Dépôt relais du Ramier
6, avenue du Grand Ramier
Opening hours : from tuesday to saturday : from 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00
Fermée les jours fériés

Stations de transfert de Daturas
Pour les véhicules dépassant 1,90m uniquement et dans le respect de la quantité de déchets acceptée en déchèterie.
6, chemin de Daturas (gratuite)
Opening hours : from monday to friday : from 7:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 17:00
Saturdays : from 8:30 to 12:00

To browse reconditioned objects :
La Glanerie 37, impasse de La Glacière (Sortie Sesquières)
Tél.: 05 61 26 83 40
Opening hours : from wednesday to saturday from 10:00 to 19:00

User fee

Station de recyclage Daturas
4, chemin de Daturas
Opening hours : from monday to friday : from 7:00 to 14:00
Mondays : from and 17:00 to 19:30
Fermée les jours fériés

Homemade Compost

Book your compost maker
The urban community of Greater Toulouse is enticing inhabitants to adopt a domestic compost maker. Two models of compost makers are at their disposal (wooden or plastic) in exchange for a small fee.
Every homeowner with a garden can compost kitchen waste (peelings, coffee grounds, etc...) and garden refuse (small quantities of grass clippings, small plants...) to make and use high-quality compost.

How to book your compost maker ?
You must download the booking form from the website www.toulouse-metropole.fr.
Print it out, complete it and send it (together with a compulsory utility bill and your payment, a cheque made out to Trésor Public).
Toulouse Métropole
Direction Déchets et Moyens Techniques, Régie compostage,
1 place de la Légion d'honneur - BP 35 821
31505 Toulouse Cedex 5.

Bulky Waste Items

A single chair abandoned on a street corner is a enough for an immense stack soon to form. A skip will be required to remove the mass of refuse and the waste will not have been sorted. Each year, municipal services recover over 10 tonnes of illegal street dumps.
To keep our city clean, ask the Office de la tranquillité on 3101.
The Office de la Tranquillité centralises all question about cleanliness in the City of Toulouse.
You can make an appointment for a collection of bulky waste items from your doorstep.

For more information in french : www.toulouse.fr

Educational Toulouse

Your children will enter public school in Toulouse? Learn here about the reception facilities and supervision after school, which is set up by the City of Toulouse in addition to information regarding the canteen and only interactive file.

It all begins at school. From learning the fundaments of knowledge to learning how to live together, our young citizens' equilibrium and development are the issues at stake here, and, by extension, the future of our whole society.

To provide this essential life assets and prepare for the future, the City of Toulouse has implemented a multiannual plan to renovate all its schools. It has also secured the future of after-school activity and supervision facilities so as not to allow situations or feelings of inequality to emerge. It continues to expand the number of places available in crèches for the well being of infants and their parents.

The City of Toulouse has developed a free cultural itinerary for the young public: a way of supporting the initiatives of teachers and appealing to the curiosity of Toulouse youth from a very young age !


- The study group
- School-affiliated childcare centres (CLAEs)
- School support

After school childcare support

There are three different kinds of childcare support for after school time. The City of Toulouse proposes three childcare solutions.

The study group

This solution enables children to do homework at school in groups of a maximum of 14 children, in a suitable room, guided by a willing teacher or designated adult.
The study group starts 30 minutes after school time. Each session lasts 30 minutes. Children may attend on a regular basis or occasionally. A free workshop, which is a variation of the study group, enables children to do their homework on their own under the surveillance of a designated adult. 13,000 children benefitted from this support in 2012.
This service is free of charge for families.
Contact the school head or the school-affiliated childcare centre (CLAE).
The CLAE organisers take enrolments at the beginning of the school year.

School-affiliated childcare centres (CLAEs)

The mission of the school-affiliated childcare centres, or CLAEs, is to ensure good quality before and after school- time childcare by proposing activities and actions that encourage children's cultural and social development as well as their sense of civic responsibility. More than 27,000 pupils are enrolled at the CLAEs (school-affiliated childcare centres).
They open their doors from 7:30 in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evenings after class until 18:30. A financial contribution based on earnings and family composition is requested.
For more information, contact your child's school.

 School support

The Local School Support Contract (Contrat Local d'Accompagnement à la Scolarité - CLAS) covers any action deemed necessary for children to succeed in their school career. These actions focus on finishing their homework, support in regularity and organisation of personal work, methods acquisition, civic responsibility, raising-awareness on cultural issues, etc. These local school support actions are carried out by associations, social centres and the city of Toulouse (Social Development division).
For children and adolescents, in groups of 4.
Free of charge for families

For further information on services proposed, feel free to contact the following main municipal offices

Atelier étude et Claé
Direction de l'Éducation 1, rue Sébastopol
Tél.: 05 61 22 28 27

Direction du Développement Social 30 bis, rue Valade - 31000 Toulouse
Tél.: 05 61 22 21 58

The one-stop interactive form (Dossier unique Interactif)

Do you wish to enrol your child in a children's daycare centre, a school canteen or a sports course ? Do you wish to join a social or cultural group or workshop ? The one-stop interactive file is the place to start !






This form is designed to centralise in one go information about your family to simplify administrative procedures and facilitate your future enrolments with services concerning early childcare (Early childhood divisions – City Hall CCAS), education, children, leisure, social and cultural events, sports and social development.
- To calculate the price applicable to each activity according to your income.
- To save time when registering for different activities

Which municipal activities are concerned ?
The one-stop interactive form covers many different municipal activities :

  • Family or collective crèche, daycare or multi-care,
  • School-affiliated childcare (Clae), outdoors trips and city trips
  • School canteen
  • Leisure centres, vacation packages, "toys places"
  • Sports classes, swimming pools
  • Cultural workshops
  • Youth groups gathering

The one-stop interactive form (DUI) and individual card are available for download from www.toulouse.fr and is also available at the following places :
- District town halls
- Family Info bureau in the Capitole
- Early childhood or social and cultural centres
- Compans-Caffarelli reception office (1, rue Sébastopol)

When should you update your DUI ?
Within the last three months, your data update can be done electronically via the Toulouse city hall website.

Art Passport

The Art Passport is an educational, artistic and cultural tool available for teachers, nursery and primary school children. Enjoyed by 15,000 students. The purpose is to expose everyone to various cultures.
In schools, every teacher makes three requests and at least one of them must be for a municipal cultural structure.
Pupils taking part receive a "passport" that serves as a travel log of their cultural "journeys" throughout the school year.

A rich and varied offering
Museums, artistic teaching establishments, libraries, cultural centres, associations and companies - more than forty institutions contribute to the project that covers different cultural themes : heritage sites, visual and fine arts, performing arts, music, scientific and technical culture, books and public readings. Raising awareness among pupils as well as education and showing appropriation through amateur practice have been greatly favoured.

Free and fair
Fairness and gratuity underpin the project whose actions are spread equitably throughout the area. Preconditions prevent economic discriminations and disparities in cultural facilities from district to district.
This project underlines the city's determination to offer future citizens an educational approach to autonomy, responsibility and socialisation.


School canteen


School restaurant enrolment
All nursery and primary schools provide a school restaurant for children enrolled in their establishment. Payment is made on a monthly basis with the possibility of selecting days and regularity. Families may benefit from a discount depending on income. Enrolments are made with the municipal assistant in charge of payments for each school. Monthly menus are available on www.toulouse.fr

For further information :
Service des Affaires scolaires,
Tel. : 05 61 22 33 44


NB : Before making a canteen enrolment, you must complete the onestop interactive form (Dossier unique Interactif - DUI) beforehand.

Starting of fall 2013,  it will be possible to reserve meals and pay for the canteen on-line. To use this on-line payment system, all you need to do is sign up or create your Dossier unique Interactif (one-stop interactive form).

My canteen is organic and the food is good !
Organic food started to appear on the plates of 25,000 Toulouse school children in 2008 in one meal per week. This is part of a drive to provide fresh, local and seasonal food products. Organically farmed bread, fruit, yogurts, fresh pasta and butter are included in the menus of 25,000 meals served every day by the City of Toulouse in canteens. One child in two in Toulouse who eats at the school canteen consumes the equivalent of one organic meal a week. Now all that remains to be done is to adapt organic food production to the scale of consumption. Supply and public contracts policies are therefore reworked to develop the whole regional farming sector in coordination with partners (Chamber of agriculture, Midi-Pyrenees).

Taste Week
During Taste Week, the City of Toulouse invited two top chefs to concoct menus for the children of Toulouse. In fact to celebrate the week, Marc Gineste, at the Pic Saint-Loup, Jérémy Morin, from Le Metropolitan and Stéphane Tournié of The Jardins de l'opéra, worked with central kitchen teams to cook up meals for the Toulouse school children.

To find out more
Find all the canteen menus on the «restauration scolaire» page on www.toulouse.fr
Consult the Taste Week programme on www.legout.com

Gourmet menus
As part of Taste Week, the central kitchen proposes a gourmet menu on the 1st Tuesday of the month. The meal is dreamt up and prepared by our chefs.

Food requirements for different age groups
At the begin of the 2011/2012 school term, the central kitchen began adapting portions to children's age groups. This measure enables children to benefit from appropriate nutritional intake and to fight against child obesity.
To find out about quantities recommended by the state food policy, download the presentation brochure from www.toulouse.fr


Children's municipal council

This council is intended for children of Toulouse enrolled in the last three years of primary school. This project was launched to enable young people to learn about and take part in city life.

Each council is composed of children from age 3* (CM1) elected by their peers from age 4, age 5 and age 6 (respectively CE2, CM1, CM2) from their school, with one delegate and one replacement delegate per school. The municipal councillors are elected for a period of two years. Work is carried out in sector council sessions (once or twice a month) and in a plenary session in the municipal council hall at the Capitole (3 times during the mandate).

Further information : for all you need to know about the children's municipal council, download the young municipal councillor guide.
For more information in french, click here.

Contact : Tél : 05 61 22 22 07